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The world-famous Turkish footwear brand Greyder was expecting a packaging design that would make a difference and offer ease of use.


After some research, we noticed that white collar workers had a second shoe in their office. Old type shoe boxes offered only a storage space for them. In addition, after buying shoes, people needed a plastic bag to carry the box. We also designed the V-angle box, which combines both transport and storage in a convenient way. Thanks to the PP handles, the box can be carried just like a sachet and the V-shaped shoebox allows consumers to easily access their shoes. In this way, the shoe box we designed has gained the function of furniture to be used regularly. In addition, the use of plastic bags is no longer necessary for the brand has gained an environmental stance.


We have strengthened the brand perception thanks to this packaging that the consumer has in their daily life and provides ease of use.

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APF AsiaStar

Greyder Shoes Packaging

Greyder Shoes Packaging

Greyder Shoes Packaging