Euphrat Packaging Design

Euphrat Packaging Design


Euphrat is a packed fish brand which is produced in Gaziantep and exported to Germany. Modern and European style packaging designs were demanded for Euphrat to sell the product in Edeka Group shelves. Edeka is the biggest hypermarket chain of Germany with a 26% retail market share.


Packaging design alternatives based on naturalness and appetite appeal were prepared for Euphrat. Fish visuals were decorated with garnitures and spices and they located at the center of the design. Logo was also redesigned with a modern font and a fish figure was used above the “U” to give “packed fish” message. The renewed logo was placed on a wood texture to refer blue-white concept of marinas. A metalized frame was used under the logo with the aim of increasing “premium quality” perception. To avoid unnecessary complexity, a plain lay out was preferred.


Modern, stylish and plain design alternatives were provided to be sold on the shelves of Europe’s retail giant. The design was also awarded with Bronze Award by Crescent and Stars Of Packaging 2016 Competition.

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Crescent and Stars of Packaging. Bronze Award